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We provide affordable quality electrical services. From small house wiring repairs or upgrades to large production plants to major retail complexes, we are experts at bringing your electrical needs to life.


DISHER ELECTRIC is a leading electrical services firm located on County Hwy HH, where Stevens Point, Plover and Whiting meet. We have an experienced team of electricians to accommodate all your electrical needs.


A blizzard caused a huge branch to fall and it tore out our main electrical line to our rental. We discovered it on a Friday afternoon and the temperature was already below zero. Called Disher. Disher sent two electricians out to replace the entire pipe going into the house and were chopping ice off the roof. They even let us use their generator to run a space heater for us. They were there well past dark, and also coordinated with the utility company. Later on had a minor non electrical issue and they took care of it. They definitely hire the best electricians who are very careful with the siding, and despite the below zero temps did not rush and tear up the property. Nice guys too.


(via Google Reviews)


(via Google Reviews)

As a superintendent for a large construction company , I have worked with many subcontractors, by far Disher electric has been the most diligent to man jobs and did outstanding quality work. I am very pleased with all aspects of this company!


(via Google Reviews)

Great service. They upgraded our house from 100 amp to 200 amp on time and for the quoted price. Our tech Nick was very professional and courteous and did amazing work. Anna in the office was very helpful with answering questions and getting needs handled.

Thanks Disher crew!

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